The Alexander Cipher Review
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For the last three years, disgraced archaeologist Daniel Knox has been working as a dive instructor for drunken tourists on the coast of Egypt while quietly doing his own exploration on the side. But when he crosses a well-connected mobster, he’s forced to run off to Alexandria, to hide out in a friend’s apartment until the whole thing blows over.

Once he arrives in Alexandria, Knox hears about his friend’s latest job: the emergency excavation of an ancient tomb that was discovered below a construction site. Out of boredom, Knox goes to take a look—and, as he digs deeper, he uncovers clues that could solve an ancient mystery and lead to the long-lost body of Alexander the Great.

But as Knox tries to follow the clues to Alexander’s final resting place, he’s not alone. From archaeologists to Macedonian nationals, everyone wants to be the first to make this monumental discovery—and the race could prove to be deadly.

With its perfect blend of ancient history and modern-day action and suspense, The Alexander Cipher is a smart thriller that reads like an Indiana Jones adventure (only without the cheesy one-liners). As you race along with the characters, speeding through page after page, you’re sure to find yourself completely caught up in the story, eager to see how it all works out in the end. And it all feels so believable that you might even forget that you’re reading a carefully-crafted work of fiction, instead of a factual account of actual events.

Adams develops the story with great care, taking the time to introduce each character and lay the groundwork for each scene. You’ll get to know the characters well—their personalities, their pasts, their motivation—and as the story plays out, you’ll care about what happens to them.

Along the way, you’ll also learn about fascinating folklore and historical details—along with some basic archaeological procedures. Still, Adams somehow manages to insert all of those facts and descriptions and explanations without distracting from the story or slowing down the action. On the contrary, the historical accounts only add to the story, giving it more historical significance and adding to the mounting tension.

If you’ve ever found yourself rapt in a History Channel special on the secrets of ancient Egypt, treat yourself to a copy of The Alexander Cipher. The historical aspects are captivating, and the modern-day conflicts fill the story with page-turning excitement. This is one archeological adventure that you won’t want to miss.

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