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Twenty-two-year-old Marco (Francisco Sobrado) has made his way through life without a care in the world. He’s never had a girlfriend, and he still shares a small flat with his Chilean immigrant parents and his little brother, but none of that bothers him—because there’s always tomorrow…mañana.

Marco’s best friend, Mattias (Hans Christian Thulin), on the other hand, dreads tomorrow. He hates his job, and he’s been with the same girlfriend, Petra (Alexandra Dahlström), for the last six years. His life has become a boring routine, and he’d rather sow some wild oats than settle down and buy a new flat with Petra.

As Mattias tries to figure out how to end his relationship with Petra, though, Marco tries to figure out how to start a relationship with pretty blonde Eva (Helena af Sandeberg), the new manager of the nursing home where he works. When he discovers that Eva’s a single mom, it complicates things even more, but Marco believes that this could finally be his mañana—his time to grow up and be a man.

The Swedish film Mañana is more than just another coming-of-age story. It’s also a thoughtful film about love, family, and friendship. And it’s an entertaining comedy, loaded with heart and humor. Though the story may seem familiar, it’s fresh and well-written, with great little comic details—and it all comes together in a perfectly satisfying way (though not in the way that you might expect). Even though there are a couple of heavier moments, which I could have done without, its warm, endearing scenes and its sparkling wit more than make up for it.

Still, Mañana wouldn’t be quite as enjoyable without the wonderful characters—or the talented actors who make them come to life on the screen. From frantic Mattias to Marco’s insult-hurling father (Oscar Moraga) to Mattias and Marco’s self-assured friend, Reza (Ehsan Noroozi), the endearing yet comical characters make the film a joy to watch. And at the center of it all is lovably laid-back Marco, played by the adorable Sobrado. Marco is awkward but irresistibly charming, and his boyish optimism and determination are guaranteed to put a smile on your face (and often make you laugh out loud).

Sometimes hilarious, sometimes heartwarming, and always enjoyable, Mañana is simply a cinematic delight. So if it happens to make an appearance in a theater (or at a film festival) near you, don’t even think of putting it off until mañana.

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