Angel of Wrath Review
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Former FBI Agent Lisa Harmon returns home at the request of her brother, Thomas, the preacher at the mega church founded by their father—a father she despises because he sexually abused her when she was a little girl. Still, Lisa swallows her hate and her dread of returning home so she can help her brother get to the bottom of the strange deaths occurring among his parishioners. Whoever’s killing sinners has now put Lisa and her father on their list, and though Lisa hates her father, she might have to fight to keep him alive.

When things turn bizarre, Lisa calls Special Ops Agent Charlie Madison for help, even though she’s reluctant to call him because of his feelings for her. Still, he’s a good man to have around when tracking an elusive killer who thinks he’s carrying out God’s orders.

At the same time, Charlie’s niece, Jaz, gets involved with a group of teenagers who perform satanic rituals in an out-of-the-way section of L.A. The teens accidentally unleash a terrifying entity, similar to the Mothman of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, that digs into people’s mind and convicts them of their guilt-ridden pasts.

The creature and killer soon combine forces, and no one is safe from their wrath. It’s up to Lisa, Charlie, and his deaf niece to fight evils from this world and beyond.

I couldn’t really warm up to Lisa in this novel, mainly because she spends a lot of time arguing with everyone, and it kept getting on my nerves. Also, something about Charlie makes him unrealistic as a Special Forces soldier. Maybe it’s his underlying lack of confidence—something about his Special Forces personality is missing, but I can’t pinpoint it because it’s mostly just a feeling that I have. However, Jaz, with her quirky personality, is an absolute delight to read, and she helped me overlook the flaws in the other characters and enjoy this clever plot.

Christian horror sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s my favorite kind of encouraging read. I just wish there were more authors like Bill Myers, who writes with non-preachy, spellbinding, and oftentimes creepy intrigue. Angel of Wrath will send chills down your spine while, at the same time, reminding you that, with God, you’ll never stand alone against evil.

If you’re a fan of Christian horror author Frank Peretti, which I am, you’ll also like Bill Meyers’s Angel of Wrath. Mr. Meyer brings his readers a fast-paced, intelligent, and sinister story in his latest novel. If you’re a Christian looking for edgy, moralistic fare in your inspirational choices, then Angel of Wrath is the book for you.

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