The Ghost Downstairs Review
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I always love it when I come across an e-book that captures my imagination and delights me to no end. And Molly Ringle’s The Ghost Downstairs did just that.

After accidentally giving a terminal patient the wrong medicine, which results in his death, Lina Zuendel quits her job as a nurse. Even though the hospital said she could remain on the staff, it just felt all wrong to stay. After several failed attempts to get hired elsewhere, she’s hired to take care of the elderly residents of Drake House—a retirement home.

Right from the beginning, Lina’s patients tell her about the ghost who wanders about the house during the night. Lina thinks nothing of it until the ghost starts switching off lights and moving her stuff around. When Lina shows an interest in the houseboy, Ren Schulz—and he in her—the ghost turns ugly, targeting Lina with dangerous pranks.

Something’s a little off with the houseboy, too. For some reason, he can’t leave the property. The only explanation Lina gets from her employer is that Ren is under house arrest for a crime that happened years ago. But that doesn’t stop her from falling in love with him and bringing down the wrath of an angry ghost.

The Ghost Downstairs is just what a light-hearted ghost story should be. It’s delightful, funny, and intriguing, with just enough chills to give you goose bumps. You’ll also get caught up in the mystery of Drake House—a former 1940s sorority house, where an accidental murder and suicide once happened.

All of the characters are unique and likeable in their own way. I especially loved the spry elderly characters who seemed to enjoy life to the fullest, even at their age. And I could so relate to Lina. She’s at a point in her life where she questions everything she’s ever done or ever will do—erring on the cautious side—and she wishes she could just let it all go, throw caution to the wind and live. Ren is the perfect, charming hero, with a wonderful sense of humor, and you can’t help but to love him, no matter how mysterious he may seem.

If you’re in the market for e-books, I urge you not to pass up The Ghost Downstairs. It’s one of the most well-written and entertaining e-books I’ve come across to date. Do yourself a favor, and pick up your copy today.

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