Lords of Corruption Review
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Josh Hagarty has had a lifetime of bad luck. Due to a felony conviction in his past, he canít get recruited by a high-paying company. It doesnít seem to matter that he turned his life around and worked like a dog to graduate at the top of his class. All anyone sees is the time he spent in prison. So when heís approached in an unconventional way by an American company thatís giving aide to Africa, heís suspicious, but he takes the job anyway. He really doesnít have much of a choice.

Recruited by the charity to manage their activities in a war-torn region of Africa, Josh heads into a future that he hopes will make life betterónot only for himself but also for his baby sister, Laura. Instead, heís faced with a genocidal dictator, a sadistic thug whoís sent to guide him through Africa, a cynical journalist who claims that the charity is a fake, and rumors that his predecessor was hacked to pieces in the jungle because he asked too many questions.

To Josh, the only bright spot in the whole African mess is Annika Gritdal, a Scandinavian aid worker. But when she helps Josh translate a suspicious recorded conversation, she becomes involved in something that could get her killed, along with Josh and millions of Africans.

Josh Hagarty is one of the grittiest, most tenacious and appealing characters to grace the pages of a book. If youíve ever felt like Eeyore with the little black rain cloud over your head, youíll be able to relate to Josh Hagarty on a deeper level, like I did. Though itís obvious that heís been to the school of hard knocks most of his life, he keeps on keeping onóand thatís why I like him so much.

Africa can be a beautiful country, but thatís not the side thatís portrayed in Lords of Corruption. Instead, the reader is taken into the seedy underbelly, where sadistic dictators rule, tribes are at war, blood is shed on a regular basis, and the people struggle to survive from one day to the next.

With high-speed action, well-defined characters, and an elaborate plot, Lords of Corruption will leave you breathless and keep you entangled in a thriller thatís unlike anything youíve read before. Itís one of those suspenseful stories that you wish you could read from cover to cover, uninterrupted. In short, I absolutely loved it. I simply cannot wait to pick up another novel by this talented author.

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