Tangled Souls Review
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Stories centered on spooky old houses are always a favorite of mine. In Tangled Souls, Sherry Hall Mauro brings readers to the deliciously evil Rambling Rose—a creepy, disturbed house, inspired by the Winchester Mansion in California.

In this third installment in the Tate Mansion series, Sabrina Devour Tate settles into married life while caring for her infant daughter, Amelia Rose. The evil within Tate Mansion has fallen into a deep sleep, and Sabrina prays that the house will remain dormant forever. But it’s not to be. Out of the night, someone shows up and awakens the malevolence to stalk Sabrina—and her daughter—once again.

Sabrina’s sister—who disappeared in the Tate Mansion many years ago—blows in with a midnight storm. Something about her seems strange, but Sabrina ignores her feelings of uneasiness, happy to have her sister home after all these years. But then the house awakens and takes someone precious and dear to Sabrina, and it warns that it’s coming for her next.

When Sabrina’s husband, Richard, dismisses her fears as silly nonsense, Sabrina turns to an old flame. She believes he can save her and the one she loves the most, even though it might destroy her marriage or her very soul.

In order to get the full impact of Sabrina Devour’s story, you need to start from the beginning, with Even Angels Fall, followed by The Face of Heaven. Otherwise, on occasion, you might not understand certain aspects of Tangled Souls. It shouldn’t be too much of a chore, though, because all three books are a pleasure to read, with a constant creep factor that keeps your spine tingling.

Ms. Hall brings to life a tragic heroine in Sabrina, surrounding her with characters you’ll both love and hate. I especially disliked Richard. He treats Sabrina with constant disdain and disrespect, and I found myself wanting to reach inside the book to slap him.

My favorite character in Tangled Souls is the house itself. It breathes with life and leaves you feeling watched by unseen eyes. At the same time, though, you’ll want to explore the mansion and uncover its secrets, no matter how frightening they may be. While reading Tangled Souls, I definitely got a few chills—and I often jumped at random noises outside my house.

Dark, gothic, paranormal romance awaits you inside Tangled Souls. If you dare to enter Rambling Rose, one small warning: don’t wander off by yourself. The house may take you, and you might never resurface again—or at least not until you smell dinner burning in the kitchen.

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