Kill Me Later Review
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Birch Bishop has never killed a woman before, but he figures he can do it if it will lead him to Sam Avel, the man who murdered his parents in a car explosion when Birch was twelve years old. He’s been chasing Avel for years, and now it’s about to end. Except there’s one kink: the woman wasn’t headed in the direction he thought. Instead, she heads out of the country with the three million dollars Birch planted to lure Avel out in the open.

Chemist Tracy White sells an anti-aging beauty product to a pharmaceutical company for two million dollars, and they agree to pay her under the table so Uncle Sam won’t get his cut. All she has to do is get to Switzerland and deposit it. Once the money is safe, she plans to pay off her deceased father’s debt before building her own lab. It seems easy enough until she finds herself with a severely sprained ankle, stuck in a remote cabin with a man who doesn’t appear to like her very much.

Once they leave the cabin, things get even more dangerous as Bishop uses Tracy as bait to draw out Avel. To complicate matters further, he thinks he might be falling in love with her. She isn’t aware of the danger that’s waiting just around the corner. Can Bishop keep her safe and still get his revenge?

Kill Me Later starts out on an even keel, but it builds in suspense as the plot unfolds, until you’re holding your breath, awaiting the explosive outcome. Ms. Parsons places her characters in impossible situations, leaving the reader anxious to find out if they’ll make it out alive.

Birch Bishop is a big, tough, brooding, and somewhat scary hero, but it works for this novel, because he has a valid reason for thinking the way he thinks. At the same time the reader knows, as he struggles with his decisions, that he’ll do the right thing in the end. He’s a good guy; he’s just off on the wrong track.

Tracy White is a tough, daring, and brave heroine. Yes, she’s doing something illegal, but I just couldn’t bring myself to care. So I rooted for her to get that money out of the country and get it in a Swiss bank account. After all, she did earn it as a working chemist. I really liked this unassuming heroine. She didn’t fit the typical drop-dead gorgeous persona, with a perfect figure and a kick-ass attitude. Instead, she’s a little on the skinny side, and she prefers to keep to herself and avoid trouble if possible—yet she won’t back down if she has no other choice but to fight.

With its nail-biting suspense and unusual storyline, Kill Me Later is one of the better romantic e-book thrillers out there. So if this is your cup of tea, I recommend picking up a copy of this one to whet your appetite for e-book romantic thrillers.

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