Twisted Tails IV: Fantastic Flights of Fantasy Review
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Are you ready for some truly horrible and humorous tales of fantasy? Follow me, and I’ll lead you through a labyrinth of dark and light, where you really shouldn’t go alone late at night. Hang on tight to your sanity and step beyond the shadows into the extraordinary imaginations of thirteen of today’s best horror and fantasy authors who offer us sixteen short tales of deliciously creepy dark fantasy in Twisted Tails IV: Fantastic Flights of Fantasy.

Kim McDougall brings us a baby who isn’t quite so cuddly and sweet-smelling in “Megan’s Baby.” Find out what happens when vampires mate and produce a child with a voracious appetite.

“The Man Who Was a Few Pixels Out” by Biff Mitchell is a hilarious look at what happens to one man who lives in a world made up of pixels—a very strange, but funny, world that would be, indeed.

In “And Dance by the Light of the Moon” by Joyce K. Jensen, meet Marcus Klein, and let him fascinate you with stories about his time with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show and the strange little elf with colorful glass globes. Was the little goblin a creation of an inebriated Marcus’s imagination, or perhaps something more?

Marie-Jose isn’t your typical vampire in “Atypical Traits” by Ann Dulhanty. She doesn’t burst into flame when sunrays find her out in the day, she’s not sure if she can dematerialize and rematerialize elsewhere, and she doesn’t need blood to survive—just a diet rich in red meat. In fact, she’s quite human, except for the fact that she’s over three hundred years old. If she has no special abilities, how will she be able to save Earth from the mayor and her cronies, who are using the nature preserve for hedonistic purposes?

In “Brutus and the Pig” by J. Richard Jacobs, Brutus is desperate to get rid of the pig who’s sharing his bed. When Nick Sabastian finds out how beautiful the “pig” is, he’s more than happy to take her off his buddy’s hands—that is, until he gets a horrific surprise when he wakes up the next morning.

And no Twisted Tails compilation would be complete without a tale from K. L. Nappier. Come along and find out what became of some familiar young ladies in “Sex and the Emerald City.” It’s guaranteed to make you snicker, even as you clap your hands over your mouth in horror.

If I had unlimited space, I’d introduce you to all of the talented authors in this newest collection of short stories—but sometimes it’s better to leave you with a surprise or two, whet your appetite, and make you hungry to pick up your own copy of Twisted Tails IV: Fantastic Flights of Fantasy.

In the market for out-of-the-ordinary short stories? There’s no better place to start than with Twisted Tails IV. Editor J. Richard Jacobs delivers copious amounts of the creeps, horror, downright scary people and places, with a smattering of humor, in this latest collection by various authors.

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