Doctor McBride
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Pages: 29
Goes well with: Roast Beef and Apple Pie

Ten years ago, the good doctor vowed to stay away from Emma Binns. But now it’s 1879, and he’s back in town, treating humans instead of animals, and Emma’s still hopelessly, desperately in love with him. Of course, the fact that he won’t look at her, and barely even registers the unseemly stretch of leg she offers when he treats her twisted ankle, does seem to be a problem. And then there’s Abigail Christensen, who’s trying to tempt him at every turn.

Like every good story, Doctor McBride has two sides. Jake McBride is facing down his own problems, not the least of which are Emma’s six brothers, who each stand “well over six feet tall.” They must present a daunting gauntlet for any man.

While Emma presents feet and toes.

The author gives her readers a nice slice of life in Northeastern Kansas, from the horse left staked in the doctor’s backyard to the recently purchased stainless steel instruments to the slice of beef cut off the joint, cooked in Jake’s Aunt Birdie’s oven. Abigail’s dreaded snide remarks brought smiles of recognition to my face and a tingling sensation to fingers that might like to wrap themselves around her neck.

Filled with fun characters and realistic conversation, with hesitations and misunderstandings leading to a truly delightful conclusion, this was a pleasing lunchtime read. I could almost smell the roast as it came from the oven. But how could Jake leave before eating the apple pie?

You’ll have to read Doctor McBride to find out.

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