Sugar Shack
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Pages: 78
Goes Well With: Ranch & Bacon Suddenly Salad with cubed chicken stirred in, hot chocolate with marshmallows, and peaches served with whipped cream.

Sugar Shack: a small building where sap is turned into syrup. Also, a place for a fun, sweet, sticky romp in the hay—er—maple syrup.

Ten years after Catherine Bennett left a broken-hearted Luke Mackenzie to see what else the world had to offer her, she accidentally lands a nostalgic piece for the magazine she works for, "Off the Beaten Path," that’ll take her back to her hometown of Burlington, Vermont—a place she only visits sporadically.

Catherine’s plans are to see her parents, get in and write her article, then get out without having to face Lucky Luke, the man she’s never been able to eject out of her head—and who got “lucky” with her multiple times. Sex with him had always been mind-blowing, but had there been something much deeper between them? And did she want to find out after all these years?

When a New England snowstorm makes it unsafe to travel to her parents’ house, she heads for Luke’s maple farm seeking shelter—and, against her better judgment, perhaps something more. Once in the same room, they almost immediately tumble into bed where Catherine discovers sex with Luke is still more than fantastic. How could she have ever broken their engagement ten years ago?

Author Paisley Scott knows what erotica consists of—love mixed with passionate, tasteful, sizzling sex with a hint of something taboo thrown in for an extra punch—and she works it with a talent well above most e-book authors. Though Sugar Shack is a little more serious than some of the author’s previous works, she still brings in some of that whacky, heart-warming, laugh-out-loud humor she’s famous for.

Because Catherine and Luke had history together, it was easy to believe that these two would end up in bed again after so many years. Few erotica authors can make me feel the love between the hero and heroine, but Ms. Scott pulls it off every time. She’s simply one of the best in the industry—and too good to pass up.

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