The Bourne Deception Review
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Jason Bourne says to a little Balinese girl, “There’s nothing to be afraid of.” She responds, “Not when you’re here.”

No truth could be any greater. I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it again with each new novel in the series: I love Jason Bourne. I simply cannot get enough of this character, who goes above and beyond to protect the innocent.

While in Bali, Bourne barely survives an assassination attempt, so he fakes his own death in order to find out who wants him dead. Taking on a new persona named Adam Stone sends him into retrospection about who he’d be if not for the Bourne identity. Could he be anyone else?

Bourne’s search for his would-be assassin leads him to an art dealer named Tracy White, who’s in the market for a rare Goya painting that’s currently owned by Don Hererra—the man who may know something about the attempt on Bourne’s life. It also leads him to the discovery that Leonid Arkadin—Bourne’s evil equal—may still be alive, even after taking a dangerous jump that no person should be capable of surviving. That is, unless they were a part of the Treadstone Project.

In the meantime, Central Intelligence Agent Soraya Moore teams up with Amun Chalthoum, the head of al Mokhabarat in Egypt. An American airliner has been shot down over Egypt by an Iranian missile, and their mission is to find out what happened before the incident triggers a full-scale world war. The truth will leave you with chills and a vague sense of unease.

There’s usually a lot going on in each Jason Bourne thriller, and The Bourne Deception is no exception. Several storylines that seemingly have no connection begin to intersect until they come together in an explosive climax—and, boy, does it explode!

The Bourne Deception may be a bit more subdued than the norm. There aren’t a lot of high-speed car chases or shootouts in this one—except toward the end—but it’s nowhere near boring because of it. Instead, Lustbader manages to dig deeper into the Bourne identity and make him an even more fascinating and endearing character. Jason Bourne is the Energizer Bunny of top secret missions—he crawls out of them all, but he just keeps on going, determined to put bad men out of commission for good.

The Bourne Deception is another suspenseful story to add to your Jason Bourne library. Be sure to collect them all—not only because Bourne is one of the greatest characters ever written but also because of their challenging plots, written with hold-your-breath suspense. The Bourne Deception has all that and more. Don’t miss it.

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