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Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved crafts: beading, knotting, stitching, knitting…you name it. But, for some reason, I never really got the hang of sewing—and it wasn’t until a few months ago that I finally set up my garage sale sewing machine and finished my first project. Now that I’ve gotten past that first project, I’m eager to try new projects—like the bags and folders and things found in Sara Trail’s Sew with Sara.

Fourteen-year-old seamstress Trail has been sewing for a decade, so she definitely knows her way around a sewing machine. She even makes money doing it. In her book, Sew with Sara, she teaches new sewers (especially kids—but, really, any new sewer will do) the basics of sewing: the tools, the terminology, and even the parts of the sewing machine. Then she walks through every step of the process—from cutting to ironing to working with a commercial pattern (and everything in between).

Sew with Sara is filled with tips, tricks, cute journal entries, and simple patterns—like pillows, tote bags, MP3 player covers, and more. There are also tips for helping young sewers start their own sewing business. Whether they want to sell their handmade products or host sewing parties, young entrepreneurs will find plenty of helpful information here. They’ll learn how to present themselves and their products, how to find customers, and even how to create a contract.

Of course, I’m not planning to start a sewing business, but I still love Sara’s patterns. I may not be trying to look cool in math class, but I could definitely use a cool handmade folder or two. And who couldn’t use a closet full of tote bags—or a sofa full of fun throw pillows? They’re cute projects to keep or (better yet) to give as gifts—and they’re all pretty simple to make, too. Newbies like me (no matter what their age) will be able to follow along with Sara’s step-by-step directions. There aren’t a lot of confusing patterns to cut out and follow—because most of the projects are made using squares and rectangles, which are then folded and ironed and sewn to make gorgeous finished products. And that’s something that even the most hesitant of beginning sewers can tackle without much of a problem.

So whether you’re a sewing newbie who’s just looking for some cute, simple patterns (and a little sewing help) or you’re trying to encourage a young crafter to start his or her own sewing business, Sara Trail’s Sewing with Sara is a great place to start. The lessons are straightforward, the tips are helpful, and the patterns are cute and uncomplicated.

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