Nightwalker Review
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Las Vegas performer Jessy Sparhawk knows that she shouldn’t be gambling—but she’s desperate. She’s on a roll, too—until a huge man stumbles into the casino, knocks her over, whispers the word “Indigo,” and dies on top of her.

The man was Tanner Green, bodyguard to super-rich casino owner Emil Landon. Just days ago, investigator Dillon Wolf was hired to explore Landon’s suspicions that someone’s trying to kill him. But now he’s investigating a murder, too.

Dillon isn’t just any private investigator, though. He’s a Nightwalker—the Native American word for a person who can see (and speak to) ghosts. So his cases often involve something other-worldly—like Green’s ghost, which has started following Jessy Sparhawk around.

Dillon’s concerned that the pretty redhead might be in danger—not because of Green’s ghost but because of the person who killed him—and he’s determined to keep her safe.

The living and the dead come together in Heather Graham’s Nightwalker, an eerily suspenseful supernatural mystery, in which ghosts freely wander among the living. At times, the supernatural characters are dark and mysterious—like Tanner Green’s silently stalking ghost, who keeps disappearing before anyone can talk to him. At other times, though, they’re perfectly natural—with just as much personality as any of the living characters. That’s especially the case for Ringo, Dillon’s ghostly friend, who fought (and died) alongside Dillon’s ancestor, John Wolf, more than a hundred years ago.

In fact, some of the ghostly characters are better developed than the living ones. Readers know quite a bit about Ringo—his history, his death, his strangely playful personality—but John is kept a bit of a mystery. He’s a likeable character—strong, thoughtful, and determined—but he sometimes seems a bit flat and cliché, like the typical hero.

The story, too, isn’t flawless—especially the conclusion, which doesn’t come together as well (or as plausibly) as I would have liked—but Nightwalker still makes for a fascinating read. It’s tense and mysterious, with fascinating supernatural and Native American twists. And while most of the story takes place in the glitz and glamour of flashy Las Vegas, it also wanders out to the mysterious and dusty old ghost town nearby, where Ringo and Dillon’s ancestor lost their lives.

Nightwalker offers mystery, suspense, and even a touch of steamy romance. So if you’re looking for an eerie beach read—and you’re fascinated by ancient legends and the supernatural—this ghostly whodunit is a worthwhile choice.

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