The Bone Factory Review
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When David Pierce first walked into the offices of Hydro Development, he wasn’t expecting much. For the last few months, he’d been searching for a job, but no one would give him a chance after his former employer fired him over a disagreement. The money was beginning to run out, and David really needed some good luck. Well, as they say…be careful what you wish for.

Hydro Development sets David and his family up in a house on the edge of nowhere. It’s cold, isolated, and foreboding. David thought, though, that once they got settled in, his daughter’s nightmares would end—but they only seem to escalate. She dreams of a mysterious man she calls “blue man.” She says he’s coming to get her, and he’ll be here soon.

David then discovers that Hydro Development may have environmental problems, and he begins to wonder if his job is to clean it up or to take the fall for it. What once seemed like a good opportunity soon turns into David’s worst nightmare as he fights to save his family from both a disturbed stranger and an ecological disaster.

The Bone Factory is a character driven novel that will draw you deep into one man’s life as he struggles to survive in a cruel set of circumstances. You’ll feel for David because all he wants is a decent job so he can take care of his family, but life can be a pest when it wants to be, and it goes after David with both barrels blazing.

Author Nate Kenyon has created a cold, isolated setting and brought it to life, stirring in a dose of creepiness to give readers an extra chill. However, the focus is mainly on the characters, so don’t expect a fast-paced plot. It doesn’t need it, though, because the characters are well-drawn and interesting enough to keep you tuned in to their story. Then, near the end, the pace picks up, and it will leave you breathless as you rush through the pages, eager to find out how it’ll end.

In the mood for a well-developed horror novel that doesn’t use scare tactics to get your attention? Then The Bone Factory is an excellent choice.

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