Dead Menís Boots Review
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The case seems simple enough: keep a lawyer from stealing a husbandís corpse from a grieving widow. Unfortunately, though, for freelance exorcist Felix Castor, nothing ever turns out to be simple. When someone tries to drop him down a lift shaft, thatís his first clue that maybe he should stay out of this one. But Felix has never backed down from evil spirits, and heís not about to start now.

Meanwhile, in Kingís Cross, a man is viciously murdered with a hammer that canít be foundóand the victim has a cigarette burn on his forehead. The clues all point to an American serial killer whoís been dead for the past forty years. The trail leads Castor to Alabama, where he leaves a severely pissed-off succubusóhis sometimes partner, Juliet Salazar. Once she finds out who the killer is, she threatens to rip out Castorís throat if he tries to stop heróbut he needs Julietís help to stop something much bigger and deadlier.

As if thatís not enough, Castor is also fighting a legal battle for custody of his friend Rafi, whoís possessed by a demon that Castor canít exorcise without killing his friend. A doctor has caught wind of Rafi and wants to study his conditionóbut Castor wonít allow it.

In Dead Menís Boots, author Mike Carey weaves together a host of complicated plots into a snarled tangle of suspense and hold-your-breath action. Then he untangles everything, bringing the story to a volatile end. Itíll be a while before you catch your breath after reading this one.

It takes a special kind of character to do what Felix Castor does. Someone is always out to kill him, while others just flat-out donít want to lend him any help. Not only that, but he does it all without getting a whole lot of personal gain when itís all over. He simply does it to help the one innocent person who stands to lose a lot more than they deserve. How can you not love a character like that?

Filled with the supernaturalófrom a paranoid zombie to a loup-garou made up entirely of catsóDead Menís Boots is as unique as it is remarkable. Carey just keeps getting better and better, and heís doing it without feeding readers the same old same old in the paranormal genre.

So come alongópick up a copy of Dead Menís Boots, and youíll see why Iím shouting its praises.

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