Panic Attack Review
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Wealthy, successful, and somewhat arrogant psychologist Adam Bloom is used to being in complete control of his lifeóat least he thinks he is. His patients respect and admire him; his wife, Dana, and his twenty-two-year-old daughter, Marissa, simply tolerate him. However, one act, one unfortunate circumstance leads him and his family into a personal hell.

One night, two intruders break into the Bloomís house while theyíre asleep. Adam shoots one of them multiple times, while the other one gets away.

Adam believes that he was justified, since the man broke into his home, and, according to police, the man had an extensive criminal record. However, the trespasser was unarmed. Media frenzy ensues, but the agony is just beginning. Someone is determined to ruin Adamís life before seeking the ultimate revenge. While this is happening, Adam becomes as vulnerable as his patients, but heís still unwilling to relinquish any control.

Meanwhile, in another part of town, suave, seductive, and sociopathic Johnny Long knows all about the ladies. He hangs out at bars, studies the most vulnerable-looking women, and proceeds to go home with them to get his rocks off before he lifts their money and jewelry while theyíre asleep. Johnny and the Blooms cross paths, leading to a terrifying chain of events.

Youíll think that you have Panic Attack all figured outóand, in some ways, that will be true. There are minor twists and turns, and the ending is somewhat of a surprise. However, itís the process of getting there that will hook you. Itís the minor detours that still have bearing on the plot that will keep you reading.

Still, itís not just the plot that makes this an exceptional novel. Panic Attack makes full use of its characters to drive the story, so each personality is fully developed. Though their stories are told in the narrative, the characters are divulged from their own perspectives. Youíll feel that you understand what makes them tick, even though you wonít necessarily be sympathetic to their motives.

This sexy, decadent thriller is one of the best that Iíve read in a long time. Strong, exciting characters and a thrilling plot make Panic Attack an addictive read that will keep you mesmerized until the very end.

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