A Cold North Wind
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Pages: 85
Goes Well With: Goulash (Hungarian stew), cornbread, and hot cinnamon tea

On the day of the sacred joining between Sonia and Chrysla, thunder shakes the village, bringing in a blizzard—not a good omen. But the Goddess has promised to bless the union, and the head Warriors and the Empress of the Motherland join them in full ceremonial attire—something that has never happened before.

Priestess and Healer, Beatrice, is in love with Sonia, and it breaks her heart to see her joined with Chrysla, but she remains quiet because Chrysla is a good woman. When the Empress sanctions a joining of warriors who will become not only warriors but her personal staff as well, Beatrice is chosen as the Empress’s priestess and healer. And, to make things better, she will be mentally joined with Sonia and Chrysla, along with their chosen males, as mates.

Together (except for the males), in a blinding snowstorm, they travel to the training camp, where they learn to fight physically while also learning to mentally tune into each other’s thoughts and feelings during a battle—for only when they are one, physically and mentally, can they become a powerful triad.

When their home camp is attacked, these three warriors will find their skills tested much sooner than anticipated.

In this fantasy, women are the dominant sex. The men stay behind to take care of home and hearth, while the women train to be warriors and go into battle. Also, women are joined with women, and men are joined with men, except when there’s a need to produce children.

Though I didn’t particularly care for the fact that there is no equality between men and women, and the men of the clan are “feminized” in this short tale (it’s just not that realistic), A Cold North Wind is a finely-written fantasy. Ms. Roberts brings to life the blizzard so well that you can almost feel the cold wind as it howls through the trees and bites into the skin. The author creates atmosphere like a pro—some of the best I’ve ever read.

Battle scenes are ferocious and vivid, bringing a thrilling edge to A Cold North Wind—and the author leaves you wanting more. Personally, I’m interested in seeing what becomes of Areesa (one of the minor characters) who was kidnapped by “beastly” men from the North.

After reading A Cold North Wind, you will definitely want to pick up the next in the series as soon as it’s available.

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