I Can See You Review
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After a brutal encounter with an attacker, Eve Wilson was left scarred, both mentally and physically. For years, she hid behind a computer screen, only showing the world the face she chose. Now, she’s fought her way back to the real world and is determined to help others do the same.

Eve creates an online presence, where various test subjects communicate in a virtual social world, hoping they’ll overcome social awkwardness and bring those skills into the real world—that is, if they don’t get addicted to the virtual world instead. But it also becomes a hunting ground for a disturbed individual who brings his victims’ greatest fears to life in the real world—because he knows everything about them.

Detective Noah Webster of the Hat Squad has had his share of tragedy and pain. His crutch was to disappear into a bottle of alcohol. Finally, with the help of friends and family, he pulls himself out of it so he can do his job. But the Red Dress Killer case pushes him closer and closer to the drink he craves every day. It’s not until he meets Eve and learns of her project that he begins to realize how the victims might be connected—and that she might be the woman who keeps him sane enough to stay sober and bring a killer to justice.

Karen Rose will chill you to the bone with the sociopath she brings to life in I Can See You. The Red Dress Killer has no conscious at all, and it gives him great pleasure to cause suffering beyond endurance. And once the killer’s identity is revealed, the chills will cascade over you in waves, because it’ll bring to the foreground the possibility that the person sitting next to you could hold a deep, dark secret.

With deeply drawn characters and a twisted plot, I Can See You will snare you in its clutches, leaving you breathless and eager for more. The suspense sizzles. It builds and builds until you think you might come apart at the seams before the climax crashes down around you. I had no fingernails left after I finished this gripping read.

Karen Rose is probably the best romantic suspense author in existence, and she proves it once again with the unpredictable and unsettling I Can See You. Give her a try, and I promise you’ll be hooked for life.

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