Teens Consider Mall Workers’ Revolution
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ELMO, MS Elmo teenager Christi Wilson announced yesterday that she is definitely not paid what she’s worth to work at Bob’s Bagel World, which is located in the food court at the Elmo Towne Centre. “It’s so totally not fair,” she told her coworker, Missy Custer.

“I mean, we totally slave over this cash register. And we put these bagels in the oven. And we take them out of the oven. And sometimes we have to slice bagels and put cream cheese on them. And what do we get for it? Minimum wage! It’s cruel and unusual!”

Her coworker nodded in agreement. “Yeah. Look at what we have to put up with! We have to make sure the bagels don’t burn. That’s a huge responsibility. It takes knowledge and skill!”

Custer also noted that she had been saving her earnings at Bagel World for pretty much forever, hoping to earn enough money to buy a new car, but no one, she says, can live on minimum wage.

“How am I supposed to dress like a normal human being if I only earn minimum wage?” she pondered.

The two also agreed that they should be paid more just because they have to wear those stupid Bagel World aprons. That alone, they concurred, is enough to earn them at least $14 an hour.

Bagel World employees are also often required to work long and inconvenient hours. Wilson noted that she was once scheduled to work a six-hour day—and that she had also been scheduled to work a few times during Gossip Girl, forcing her to TiVo the show and watch it later, after everyone else had already seen it. One time, she recalled, something went wrong, and she actually had to miss an episode.

After their break was over, Wilson and Custer went back to spreading cream cheese with new fervor. They both agreed that, if they didn’t both get a raise, they’d quit and go to work for the competition (Larry’s Bagel Factory). At Larry’s, they could at least wear cooler uniforms, and they’d never, ever be forced to miss Gossip Girl.

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