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Successful New York author Sassy Davenport knows how to write steamy romance novels, but her own love life is a mess. Her boyfriend, Kenneth, is dry, self-centered, and indifferent toward her career. Still, something is better than nothing. But all that is about to change, after a handsome, seductive man appears at one of her book signings.

Norris Yoshito is immediately smitten with Sassy, requesting that she autograph ten books that he plans on giving as gifts. He actually appreciates her writing! When they later meet at a restaurant, Sassy finds Norris not only suave but also attentive and interesting—just the opposite of Kenneth. Cynical Sassy wonders if it’s too good to be true. Could Norris be her absolute dream or her worst nightmare?

“Nightmare” may be an understatement. Three women have been brutally murdered: Norris’ secretary, her friend, and a woman who was seen with Norris. Then, one evening, he comes to Sassy’s apartment, and instead of displaying his usual gracious manner, he shows a violent side. However, a few days later, he claims that he doesn’t remember the event, and he even denies coming to her home. He’s back to the man that she’s fallen for, even coming to her side as she spends days at the hospital, where her cousin, Bernard, is dying of AIDS. Is this the same man?

Sassy is a sexy, erotic thriller that will keep you on the edge. Though the main plot is somewhat farfetched, the suspense of getting to the story’s climax makes up for it. Initially, you may think that the side stories are just fluff. However, they’re an integral part of the story, and they’ll wind up slapping you in the face.

There are many aspects of the novel that are very real: jealousy, revenge, and an unwillingness to let go of the past. Also, most women will be able to relate to the dynamics of the female relationships in the story. And although I would have liked to see a different ending, most readers will still find it satisfying.

Normally, I don’t care for romance novels, but Sassy has so much more—intrigue, suspense, heart-felt emotion, and, of course, sex. This is one that’s definitely worth picking up.

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