A Bad Day for Sorry Review
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I’ve probably read more than my share of girly mysteries that star amateur female sleuths—but few of those sleuths (if any) have been quite as gutsy (or as irresistibly entertaining) as Stella Hardesty in Sophie Littlefield’s A Bad Day for Sorry.

Ever since the death of her no-good husband, Ollie, Stella has taken on a second job. In addition to running Ollie’s sewing shop, the fifty-something spends her spare time helping the women who are too weak and afraid to do to their boyfriends and husbands what Stella finally did to Ollie. Though the small-town rumors include stories of violent murder, the only death she’s responsible for is Ollie’s—not that she’s about to set anyone straight. That would be bad for business. What she does, however, is use some creative tools to teach other trouble-making men a lesson—and they rarely need to be taught twice.

It seems, though, that Roy Dean Shaw could be a challenge. Just days ago, he was spotted getting rough with another girl—and Stella had to have another talk with him. And now his estranged wife, Chrissy, is convinced that he’s kidnapped Tucker, her son from a previous marriage.

The case turns out to be much bigger than expected—and Stella soon finds herself dealing with men who are much more dangerous than a drunken ex-husband.

Part Rambo, part Golden Girls, Sophie Littlefield’s A Bad Day for Sorry is a feisty adventure with an even feistier heroine. Stella has been through a lot—and whether or not you agree with the way she handled her situation, you’ll admire her strength and her courage. Now that she’s free from her husband’s abuse, she’s chosen to help other women—so no one else in her small Missouri town will have to live through the same hell that she did.

With her “clients,” Stella is patient and understanding—a shoulder to cry on. But with the men (her “parolees,” she sometimes calls them), she’s tough as nails. With all the rumors flying around, there’s no man in town who wants Stella to pay him a visit. While she’s not necessarily fearless, she’d never let her fear show—because other women’s lives depend on her.

Stella’s latest case, meanwhile, adds even more danger and mystery to an already interesting story. The deeper she gets, the more complicated things become—because Chrissy isn’t always completely honest with her. She hides some of the details—and, as they come out, they only add more suspects to the list. Throw in a big-city crime boss (and a pinch of romance, too), and you’ve got a pretty thrilling—and undeniably enjoyable—crime novel.

If you’ve been looking for a different kind of heroine, look no further. Stella Hardesty is a gem—a kick-ass diamond in the small-town rough. I can only hope that Littlefield will keep writing about Stella’s adventures—because I can’t wait to read more.

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