The Chronicles of Casey V. Review
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I started reading The Chronicles of Casey V. (Or Mental Ramblings of the Most Awesome Summer of My Life at 8:00 PM, and I finished it at around midnight. I simply couldn’t stop reading this short, amusing young adult novel until I’d turned the last page.

At the urging of her mother, sixteen-year-old Casey Veitengrubner (or just Casey V., since no one can pronounce her last name) takes on the challenge of spending the summer as a camp counselor for eight- to twelve-year-olds. She packs up and heads to Camp Gitchy-moo-goo (or was that Gitchy-goo-goo? Casey can’t keep it straight), leaving behind her mother and two BFFs, whom she’ll miss terribly. But she’s hoping for a totally awesome summer vacation.

Taking on twelve pre-teen kids is a rewarding challenge, and she seems to be a natural at it (except for the whole horseback riding and mud puddle incident). And the chance at a really cool summer romance with another camp counselor named Zander is a definite plus. However, a series of hilarious mistakes and accidents turns her summer into one great, big, goofy mess.

Oh, what fun it was to be transported back to the age of sixteen! The things that happen to Casey throughout The Chronicles of Casey V. were almost a mirror to my own experiences as a teen (since, if anything goofy happened, it always happened to me). As I read, I laughed out loud so many times that my cats gave me the wonky eye for disturbing their sleep.

With its laugh-out-loud hilarious moments, The Chronicles of Casey V. is a delight to read from page one. I loved how this teen character handles the minor disasters that come her way. She also learns some valuable leadership and life skills—and she does it all while still remaining realistic as a teen.

If you read just one young adult novel this year, please make it The Chronicles of Casey V.. It’s one of the cutest young adult romances that you’re likely to encounter. And if you’re a bit older, like me, it’ll remind you of the fun and exhilaration of your own teen romances.

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