Krysta’s Curse (Whispers, Book 3) Review
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For some reason, I never seem to get tired of stories involving characters seeing ghosts and trying to help them. And Tara West’s young adult novel, Krysta’s Curse, is one of the most engaging and fun to read.

When Krysta was in third grade, she encountered her first ghost. Needless to say, it scared the heck out of her. But, since then, she’s learned to adapt, so when ghosts wake her up in the middle of the night on a school day, she’s more annoyed because she doesn’t want to go to school with circles under her eyes.

Ed and Gertrude have had their eternal sleep disturbed by the construction of a mall (aptly named The Crossover Mall) that’s going up over their graveyard. They mistake Krysta for their granddaughter, Emma Jane, and demand that she stop the construction. Since she’s only fourteen, Krysta has no idea how she can help them. She’d better figure it out quick, though, because Ed and Gertrude aren’t going away anytime soon.

Things become complicated when the counter girl at Mocha Madness is suddenly murdered. Krysta suspects the girl’s abusive boyfriend, but getting help from the ghost of a Goth girl could be impossible.

On top of all of that, one of the hottest guys in school is assigned as Krysta’s lab partner. He seems to have a few problems of his own—but Krysta’s not sure that she can deal with that on top of all of the ghosts and their problems.

Krysta’s Curse was so much fun to read that I hated to see it end. The story is infused with humor—and even a few chills at times—and I enjoyed every single moment that I spent reading it.

Krysta is such a delightful fourteen-year-old, and her witty sarcasm is just plain hilarious. At the same time, her home life is less than ideal, which makes her even more endearing and easy to relate to.

For two elderly dead people, the ghosts of Ed and Gertrude also add a whole lot of exuberance to the plot. You can’t help but laugh when they keep showing up at unexpected moments, demanding that Krysta get rid of the coming mall so they can go back to resting in peace. Ed even wants them to put his tree back! This lovable ghost couple will make you smile as they pop in and out of Krysta’s day.

At the same time, the ghost of the murdered Goth girl will make the hairs rise on your arms. After she dies, she retreats to a dark lake and, at first, she refuses to believe that she’s dead. She’s incredibly creepy, giving you chills time and time again—yet you’ll feel for her, and you’ll hope that she’ll let Krysta help her, so she can finally find peace.

Saturated with both creepy scenes and comedic relief, Krysta’s Curse is an awesome young adult novel. Teenagers are sure to enjoy it, but so will adults who are looking for lighter fare with just enough spooky stuff to keep it entertaining.

If you’re on a quest for a frightfully cool e-book read, you’ll definitely want to add Krysta’s Curse to your list.

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