Sophie’s Secret (Whispers, Book 1) Review
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Before her recent weight loss, Sophie Sinora was the fat dork between her two best friends, A. J. Dawson and Krysta Richards—three friends who came together because of their unusual gifts. Sophie just happens to be telepathic. She can read her fellow classmates’ thoughts, but she tries really hard not to, because sometimes what she hears isn’t very nice—and she really doesn’t want to know what her classmates think of her.

Sophie has a crush on Jacob Flushman. Her friends just don’t understand, but he plays football, and he seems really cool. Now that she’s lost weight, she might just be able to get his attention. Her friends try to get her to see Jacob for the real jerk he is, but she’s blind to their criticism.

Once she joins the yearbook committee, Sophie learns things about Jacob that aren’t so cool. The girl assigned to train her, especially, has something against Jacob, but she refuses to say anything. Sophie could read her mind, but she resists the temptation. Besides, she doesn’t really want to learn anything bad about Jacob.

Meanwhile, Jacob’s best friend, Frankie Salas, has taken an interest in Sophie. But the girl who blocks Sophie’s locker every day thinks that Frankie is hers, so she torments Sophie every chance she gets. Sophie must learn to stand up for herself or be pushed around for the rest of her life. Maybe she can use her telepathic gift to help with that little problem.

Sophie’s Secret is for all the young girls who find themselves crazy about a guy who’s just not worth it. It doesn’t take telepathy to see a jerk for what he is—just your heart. Even at my age, I can relate to Sophie, who seems to be a little insecure about herself (because of her past weight). She tries so hard to see the good in everyone, which makes her an enjoyable character. I whole-heartedly rooted for her—and I so hoped that she would see Frankie as the better guy.

Frankie is sweet, funny, and totally comfortable in his skin. The only time his confidence wavers is when he thinks that Sophie doesn’t like him. He plays football, but he isn’t the stereotypical dumb jock—nor is he a jerk—making him a truly likable teen hero. The world could use more of those.

As sweet romance with a hint of the paranormal, Sophie’s Secret is a joy to read. It even reminded me of my own high school crush (What was I thinking?). Author Tara West seems to know the mind of a teenage girl, and she used that gift to make Sophie’s Secret a fun, witty, and doggone great teen romance that girls of all ages can enjoy.

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