Donít Tell Mother (Whispers, Book 2) Review
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Tall, blonde, and athletic, AJ Dawson can intimidate even the worst bully. As captain of the basketball team, she drives her fellow teammates beyond endurance to win a game. As a result, none of them include her in their after-school plans. It also doesnít help that sheís going out with Bob Klinek, a skater and punk, who her friends, Krysta and Sophie, consider a freak. I mean, come onÖthe kid wears a purple Mohawk spiked high on his head.

AJ has the gift of clairvoyance, and, for several nights, sheís dreamed about her older brother falling from a great height onto a frozen surface. Though her brother is annoying, she canít let him die. She tries to warn their mother, but her mother refuses to discuss the subject or believe that her daughter can see the future.

Psychic dreams arenít the only things that AJ has to deal with. The regular coach for her basketball team has been replaced with a coach who prefers to act like a teenager. She basically turns the team into a bunch of losers because she feels that winning isnít important. And then thereís Bob, who tends to embarrass her more than sheís willing to admitówhich, in turn, makes her feel bad because she really likes him. Maybe she can change him in between trying to save her brother.

Donít Tell Mother brings home the fact that itís okay to be different and to be comfortable with itósomething that AJ has to learn the hard way. Bob may be a little weird, but heís a good guy, and he doesnít want to change AJ at all. I laughed myself silly at the shocked reactions of AJís parents when she brings Bob home for dinner (can you imagine that purple Mohawk at the table?), but he takes it gracefully, which only made me like him more.

AJ is tough on her basketball team and her friends, but sheís fair. She reminds me of a girl I used to go to school with, whom I liked and admired a great deal. AJ is the kind of teen that everyone can look up to, and I especially liked how she handles an incident with the new coach, which could have been disastrous if she hadnít stepped in.

Author Tara West once again proves that she can write a funny and heartfelt young adult paranormal read, adding in just enough of AJís chilling visions to give the story a thrilling edge. Sheís simply one of my favorite young adult e-book authors.

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