Tidings of Great Boys (All About Us, Book 5) Review
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In Tidings of Great Boys, Shelley Adinaís All About Us series readers returns to Macís (a.k.a. Lady Lindsay Margaret Eithne MacPhailís) story. The holidays are upon the gals at Spencer Academy, and everyone is pulling Mac in different directions: her mum wants her in London, her dad (along with her best friend, Carrie) wants her in Scotland, and her American friends have invited her to various places. So whatís a girl to do? Invite Carly, Lissa, Gillian, Shani, and her mum to Strathcairn Castle in Scotland, of course.

Mac wants to have a perfect Christmas, and that means getting her parents back together as she tries to plan the traditional Hogmanay Ball for New Yearís Eveósomething her mummy usually does. But then things start to fall apart. Carrie is jealous of Macís American friends. Her parents are in financial trouble and in danger of losing Strathcairn. Meanwhile, she meets a hot, older guy who doesnít seem to like her. And, to make matters worse, an email mix-up has made her American friends mad at her. Sheís going to need divine intervention to fix this mess, but will she seek it in time to keep from losing everything and everyone she loves?

Tidings of Great Boys is the next to the last book in the All About Us series, and Iím going to miss these girls who look to God to help lead them in the right direction. Though Mac hasnít committed herself to following God by the end of this book, youíll get the impression that sheís headed in that direction.

With a light hand, Ms Adina weaves into the plot the importance of being responsible for your actions and cleaning up any messes that you might make of your life (or someone elseís). I also appreciate the fact that Carly, Lissa, Gillian, and Shani arenít portrayed as perfect Christiansóbecause thereís no such thing. They lead by example and are never pushy, but they still make mistakes like the rest of us.

In addition to offering an important message, though, Tidings of Great Boys is a fun-filled, breathless romp through the holidays, complete with all of the craziness that can come with it. A little romance, a little intrigue (how can you not have that in a castle?), and a whole lot of love among friends and family make this a delightfully festive read.

If you havenít started the All About Us Christian young adult series, youíre missing out. I promise itís not preachyóand Tidings of Great Boys is great read for the upcoming Christmas holiday.

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