Smuggler of the Heart
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Pages: 37
Goes well with: Fish sticks, tarter sauce, fries, and Diet Coke.

While on winter vacation from her teaching job, Samantha Warren discovers an intriguing wooden box in the attic of her gramís Victorian house in Stowe, Vermont. She loves history and immediately asks her grandma about the box, but Gram wonít tell her about it until Samantha is ready to decide where her home truly is.

In church on Sunday morning, Samantha runs into an old flame, and discovers the flame hasnít quite blown out. Tim Davis still looks great, and heís not married. Suddenly Samantha finds herself questioning her reasons for leaving Vermont to live in Trenton, New Jersey. Chasing her dreams has led her away from all she loves, and her dreams have also taken her away from God.

After Samantha has a wonderful day on the ski slopes with Tim, Gram decides to tell Samantha about the box, which is a dashing and romantic story involving pirates and a smugglerís cave.

Later on, Tim gives Samantha a similar box while on a sleigh ride in the snow. Itís up to Samantha to decide what to do with it.

I must be getting too old for romance, because, even though Smuggler of the Heart is a totally sweet, heart-warming, and romantic read that brought a smile to my face, I couldnít help but think how corny it all sounded; however, I did appreciate the inspirational and inspiring read, which is something clean and pure that I crave for every now and then.

Smuggler of the Heart is also a very well written and engaging read. I wanted to hear the story of the wooden box just as much as Samantha did. It turned out to be a unique and entirely too cute tale, even if it did bring out a little bit of eye-rolling on my part.

So, if you find yourself wanting (or in need of) a romantic read, youíd be hard-pressed to do better than Smuggler of the Heart, and you just might find that the rest of your day at the office goes by on a more pleasant note, no matter how much of a romantic humbug (like me) you might be.

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