Midnight Cove Review
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Nick Rawlins, M.D. is soul weary and threadbare. His job as a medical examiner is starting to get to him, so he requests three months of leave. He plans to spend time at his villa on the Adriatic Coast, where he can finally get some rest. But since heís also a licensed private investigator, he canít turn down a manís plea to find his daughter who went on a trip to Italy and hasnít been heard from since.

When Krista Vincent discovers an old, puzzling letter in her fatherís attic, she heads to Italy to dig into her ancestryóand solve the mystery of what happened all those years ago. She decides not to contact her father, and when she runs out of money, she takes a job as a dancer in a nightclub. Then, one night, someone attempts to kill her while sheís on stage. It seems that someone doesnít want her digging into matters that they want kept hidden.

Nick swoops in and saves Krista, insisting on keeping her out of danger. Though his employer wants him to bring Krista home immediately, Nick is more concerned with finding out why Krista is a target and what it has to do with a band of smugglers using his cove as a place to hide their loot. Also, Nick is convinced that Kristaís father knows more than heís saying.

I can never resist an old mansion that has secret doors and hidden pathways, so it was a delight to read Midnight Cove. I especially liked the subplot about a mysterious woman from the past who shows herself in Kristaís dreams. Author Cierra James works in just enough to spice up the story without either making it feel too vague or intruding on the main plot.

I donít think Iíve ever encountered a hero whoís both a medical examiner and a private investigatoróand that makes Nick a refreshing change from all of the detectives who clog romance books these days. However, the choices he makes donít always make sense. For instance, I couldnít understand why, at one point, he withholds viable information from the police, even though it means putting Krista in even more danger.

Still, with a hint of gothic romance and intrigue, Midnight Cove, held my interest as I turned the pages, eager to find out whom the mystifying woman in Kristaís dreams would turn out to beóand what became of her. Throw in a bit of danger and mystery, and Midnight Cove turns out to be an intriguing thrilleróone thatís not easily put down.

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