Baby Shark’s Jugglers at the Border Review
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I tried really hard to be a good girl and not move Baby Shark’s Jugglers at the Border to the top of my to-be-reviewed stack, but I failed miserably. I simply could not wait to read the latest in author Robert Fate’s Baby Shark series.

In Jugglers at the Border, someone shoots and kills Dixie Logan, a.k.a. the Dallas Firecracker on the Texas striptease circuit, who also happens to be private investigator Otis Millet’s estranged wife. Dixie left behind a key to a safety deposit box, and though no one knows its location, they have a pretty good idea what the contents might be. She helped rob a bank, then she double-crossed her partners, which sent one in particular on a revengeful rampage, determined to take back what Dixie took from him.

With the help of his partner, Kristin Van Dijk, Otis sets out to find who murdered his Dixie. He’ll put the killer in his grave if he gives Otis no other choice—and Otis hopes he’s not given a choice. The chase takes them across the Texas plains and into Nevada, leaving a wake of destruction behind them.

Kristin goes undercover to flush out Manny, the alleged killer, and she ends up in a whole heap of danger, since Manny is a little bit unbalanced, making him reckless and unpredictable. But he should have known better than to mess with Kristin—because she’s tougher than her platinum blonde hair suggests, and she knows how to use a gun.

Author Robert Fate delves a little deeper into the character of Otis Millet with the fourth installment in his Baby Shark series. Readers get a look at his vulnerable side as Otis deals with the death of his wife—and they get a look at his truly tough side as he relentlessly hunts the man who killed her. Most of all, though, I love how he is with Kristin—he worries about her like a father would for a daughter, but he knows that she can take care of herself, so he never tries to hold her back.

Jugglers at the Border takes you on a gritty, edge-of-your-seat ride through a late 1950s thriller, with pulse pounding, heart-in-your-throat scenes. Smart and resourceful Kristin Van Dijk once again proves that she can take on the bad guys and come out on top. If you mess with the people she loves, you’d better be prepared to take her on or get out of her way.

There are no words to describe how fantastic Robert Fate’s Baby Shark series is. Kristin Van Dijk is by far my favorite female investigator. And Jugglers at the Border is another great installment in a truly a wonderful series. If you haven’t picked up a Baby Shark thriller yet, what are you waiting for?

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