E-Author Spotlight: Molly Ringle
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Molly Ringle writes with a sense of humor and is always a delight to read. All of her characters stand out in their own unique way and liven up the plot. Her ghost stories are light-hearted with just enough chills to give the story a spooky edge. The plot in a Molly Ringle novel is always clever, making the background story involving the ghosts just as interesting as the rest of the book. She also writes young adult novels and contemporary romance.

Living on a creek bank in Corvallis, Oregon, as a child, Molly and her little sister splashed and tumbled about in the creek and played among the rocks and trees. They entertained themselves in sometimes dangerous ways by setting dry leaves on fire under a bridge or rolling down a steep bank inside a huge cardboard box that a fridge came in (she hopes her mom didnít notice that).

Some of her funniest moments always seem to happen when she really shouldnít be laughing. For instance, in church one day, an altar server fell over asleep and toppled down the steps. Molly and her sister were the only ones in laughing hysterics over that. I can relate, because my boys and I often found ourselves laughing in church when we shouldnít have been.

If Molly could choose a different job, she might go into perfumery, where she could capture the smell of a fir forest in the mist and stick it in a bottle, or the ocean on a fresh summer morning. She has collected a huge number of perfume and fragrance oil samples, and she sometimes gives them away on her blog: lemonlye.livejournal.com.

Some of Mollyís favorite things include: rain, dark chocolate, forests, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the Bronte sisters, Chanel No. 19, her cuddly sons, her delightful husband, her hilariously eccentric and smart parents and sisters, Mystery Science Theater 3000, daffodils, and Bioluminescence.

On Writing, in Ms Ringleís Own Words

What or who inspires you to write?

Any emotion, image, remark, sound, taste, touch, or scent that keeps flitting around inside my head and wonít leave.

Why did you begin writing?

To create fun worlds where I was in control of everything, unlike middle school, which was my environment when I began serious story-writing attempts.

Which author inspires you?

Plenty, and a new one every month! But one who comes to mind, if this counts, is Joss Whedon for the writing heís done on his TV shows (like Buffy). Watching those characters interact, fight, couple up, be hilarious, and break my heart always makes me want to write.

What do you find most rewarding about writing?

The feeling Iíve created something entirely new out of nothing, and that someday, someone else might love it, too.

Have you experienced writerís block? And if so, how did you cure it?

I donít like to call it writerís block, but often I have a problem with the plot and how to resolve some inconsistency. Generally, I have to back away from the story and just think, or bounce the problem off my husband, or other writers online. Someoneís random remark often sets me onto a whole new excellent track.

When is your next book due out, and whatís it about?

Thank you for asking! I just got a contract with The Wild Rose Press for Summer Term, a contemporary romance with a comedy streak. Itís about a female grad student flirting with a young male movie star who shows up as one of her studentsómuch to the dismay of a professor who likes her and countless female fans of the actorís. I donít have the release date yet, but Iím guessing circa next summer, given the theme. Hope to talk to you about it then!

Please read my review of The Ghost Downstairs, and then visit this fantastic author online at: www.mollringle.com.

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