Windows into Heaven Review
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Cash Thompson moves to Triple Oaks to start over and get his life back on track, but the citizens of the small Texas town find “the drifter” a source of titillation—and he’s getting tired of it. Father John thought that Cash was safe enough to give him a job as the groundskeeper at St. Marina Church, so why can’t anyone else accept him? The rumors about his past keep most people at bay and the gossipers going strong, but when he runs into a pretty redhead who’s living in a rundown house, he thinks that she just might be the answer to his problem.

Rachael Murphy lives with a terrible secret, and if anyone knew, they wouldn’t think of her as a good person who took care of her grandmother while she was sick. Rachael hasn’t even confessed her “sin” to Father John. She doesn’t feel that she deserves forgiveness—and she definitely doesn’t feel that she deserves someone like Cash Thompson. Still, he just won’t go away, and she really does need a handyman to fix her house.

Both Cash and Rachael need to let go of the past before they can move into the future, where God has wonderful things planned for them. But will they be able to?

Lately, I haven’t been into heart-warming, inspirational romances, but Windows into Heaven captured me right from the beginning and didn’t let go. Though Rachael is a bit hateful and snotty with Cash in the beginning, author Julia K. Moore manages to weave in a hint that something gives Rachael a good reason to act that way. Plus, I could immediately relate to her—because I know what it’s like to live in a house where things are constantly falling apart.

As I read, I also admired Cash’s tenacity in starting over even when he’s faced with judgmental people. He’s just that determined to turn his life around. He’s also resolute in sticking with Rachael, no matter how many times she pushes him away. He may have a troubled past, but some people can actually change for the good—and Cash is one of them.

Short and sweet, with a hint of dark secrets to shake things up a little, Windows into Heaven makes a wonderful Sunday afternoon read, reminding readers not to judge a person based on his or her past actions.

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