Ghost Unlaid Review
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When Julie Macbeth gets caught sending a joke through e-mail on library time, her uptight boss thinks he’s punishing her by sending her to inventory a private library at Drummond Place in New Town, Edinburgh. Julie loves to work among stacks of dusty, old books, so she relishes the chance to get away from the National Library and work alone. Rumors that the house is haunted don’t bother her, either—even if the housekeeper finds the library so creepy that she won’t clean in there.

While she’s working, Julie is startled when she looks up to see a man dressed in a sleeveless tunic and sandals sitting on top of a stack of rare books. Though he’s dressed a bit funny (kind of like a hippy), she believes that he’s someone who lives in the house—except he never seems to leave the library, and, most of the time, he appears out of nowhere. The more he hangs around, the more she begins to like him—and she wonders just who he is and where, or when, he came from.

Ghost Unlaid is one of the most intelligent ghost stories I’ve read in a long while. The ghost isn’t there for revenge or unfinished business. He’s there for love—and, boy, did he have to wait a long time for it. You simply have to read the story to see how it all comes together, in a totally clever and conceivable way.

Julie Macbeth has a strong personality, but it’s not so strong that it moves into unlikable territory. She’s confident in who she is and what she does, and anyone who loves books will be able to relate to her. And though she doesn’t believe in ghosts, she’s not above listening to what those who do have to say on the subject.

Though I don’t find a man in a tunic and sandals particularly sexy, Lulach the ghost is charming, and he’s got a great sense of humor—two things I like most in a man. His interactions with Julie are amusing and fun to read, and the love scenes between the two are tastefully done but hot, hot, hot!

Ghost Unlaid is a superbly written treasure. Filled with appealing characters and sensual moments that border on the truly erotic, it will capture you from page one, and you won’t be able to step away from the computer while reading it (no matter how numb your butt might get from sitting in the chair). Don’t pass this e-book up.

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