True Blue Review
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Kidnapped and framed for a crime that she participated in (against her will) while strung out on meth (again, against her will), Mason “Mace” Perry served two years in a minimum security prison, where she spent every second trying to figure out how to get reinstated to the D.C. police force. Being a cop is all she knows, and no other career will make her happy, so she makes it her top mission to wear the blue again.

Even though her sister, Beth, the chief of police, believes in her innocence, it’s not going to be easy to prove that Mace has the right to wear the uniform again. All she has to do is solve one huge case on her own—but with a U.S. Attorney looking for any reason to put her back behind bars, it’s not going to be that simple.

Roy Kingman, a young lawyer who aided the poor before joining a high-paying firm in Washington, arrives at work to find the body of a female partner stuffed inside the refrigerator. At the crime scene, he meets Mace, and they embark on an investigation of their own, which leads them through some surprising and lethal turns. Roy becomes a suspect in his partner’s death, and Mace becomes the target of bad men whose power is far-reaching.

Once again, David Baldacci sucked me in and kept me hooked with a thriller that just won’t quit. The Perry sisters are a great team, and they share genuine warmth and love for each other. Beth Perry makes one tough police chief, yet she does it with outstanding ability and droll humor, making her exceedingly likeable. Mace Perry is a little bit reckless, but she’s desperate to prove her worth, making her actions both plausible and understandable.

Roy Kingman is a typical lawyer, except he has more heart, especially for the poor and underprivileged. He plays the part of a beta male, yet he doesn’t come off sounding weak or nerdy, and he helps Mace out of a few tight spots.

The plot is gripping and complicated, always keeping you guessing. And just when you think you have things figured out, something else goes wrong or pops up, changing your whole outlook on the case. As I read, I kept muttering, “I’m going to figure this out before the end,” but I never did.

With one hair-raising scene after another, True Blue will keep your knuckles white, as you grip the edges of the book, and your whole body tense, as you breathlessly wait to see what happens next. Be warned—True Blue is an up-all-night, just-one-more-chapter-before-lights-out read.

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