Hey Mac! Can You Spare an Apple?
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After all these years of wanting a MacBook Pro but also hearing about all the reasons why we canít afford one and how we could use that money for better purposes (like food and new shoes), Iíve finally gotten up the gumption to throw caution to the wind and order one behind my wifeís back.

So hereís the plan: one day soon, Iím going to call in sick to work (only you and I will know Iím faking it), and when my wife steps out the door to take our daughter to school, Iím going to crank up the PC and do a bit of online shopping. Before you know it, and better yet, before she knows it, Iíll be an Apple user, and Iíll kiss this old PC goodbye.

ďBut wait! Wonít she know somethingís up when she sees the credit card bill and itís maxed out even more than it is now?Ē

Yes! And thatís why Iím going to use a credit card that she doesnít know I have. One I use only for emergencies, like buying new computer stuff, or banjos. The bill comes to me, I pay the bill, nobodyís the wiser, and Iím a happy camper!

This is going to be great! I just love those Apple commercials, and to actually have a Mac in my house is going to be a dream come true.

ďHold on there, Bucko! Wonít she know somethingís a bit different when she sits down to the PC and notices itís not a PC anymore? Arenít the two as different as night and day?Ē

Aha! Youíre right! I best keep the PC where it is and hide the Apple under the bed, or maybe in my sock drawer. That way, I can sneak off to the bedroom, close and lock the door, and play with my new computer to my heartís content, or until she knocks on the door, wanting to know what Iím doing in there, and then Iíll have to shove it back into the sock drawer. But Iíll still have a Mac! Iíll just have to be sneaky about having it, thatís all.

Iíve always balked at buying a Mac in the past because the price seems so high. You could buy two PCs for the price of one Apple, and that always seemed like a sound argument for not getting one. But I saw one the other day, up close and personal, saw what it could do, and now my heart is set on one, and my heart shall not be denied. No, sir! No denying the heart this time!

ďExcuse me, but since FedEx or UPS will be delivering itóto your homeówonít she be a bit suspicious when the truck comes rolling down your driveway? And what happens if youíre not at home when itís delivered? I can just see her now, standing in the doorway, arms crossed, foot tapping on the floor, waiting for you to open the door and explain whatís in the little box with the apple on the side.Ē

You know, youíre right! I think Iíll have it delivered to my work. Just put my workís mailing address on it, in care of me, and then sheíll truly never know about it. That way, I can play with the Mac on break times, or during lunch, or maybe go to work early or stay late, and sheíll have no earthly clue. She wonít see the bill, she wonít see the UPS truck, and she wonít find the Mac hidden in the sock drawer. Itís perfect. Iím going to have it delivered to work!

ďSo, what about those weekends when your Mac is at work and youíre at home? Isnít it kind of useless to order a new computer and only get to play with it when thereís very little time to play with it?Ē

Hmmmm. Thatís possible. So how about this: Iíll bring it home and tell my wife that itís part of a technology-based training program to get us employees used to using Macs because weíre transitioning away from PCs. Iíll tell her itís not even mine, that Iím just borrowing it for awhile. And if I use big technology-type words, she might not even know what Iím talking about.

Yep! Thatís what Iím going to do. Order me a Mac. Start doing all the cool things those other cool Mac users do. And nobody will know but meóand you.

Youíll keep my secret, wonít you?

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