Keeper of My Heart
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Pages: 69
Goes Well With: Ask the waiter for the special.

Set in rural 1930s Virginia, Keeper of my Heart, by Therese Travis, is a sweet, uplifting romance, in which two wounded souls venture back into the world and find unexpected love.

Rebeccaís eyes donít focus too well, and her heart hides a mystery. But Thomas, waiter at the small townís classiest eating place, sees more than he lets on when he asks her to share a table with a handsome visitor.

Veterinarian Adam McCormack decides to try the house special on Rebeccaís recommendation. Perhaps if he hadnít insisted on praying before his meal, Rebecca wouldnít have felt so uncomfortable, but perhaps her heartís not ready for any manís healing.

Events move quickly in the small town of Haven Falls, and Adamís brief visit seems set to turn into something more as he considers settling down. Meanwhile, Rebecca seeks corrective lenses for her eyes, and God offers them for heart and soul as well.

Keeper of my Heart is a delightful story, leaving the reader feeling content and refreshed. Perhaps we all need to wear new glasses sometimes, and sharing Rebecca and Adamís tale is a happy place to find them.

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