A Letter to Santa
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Dear Santa,

My wish list for Christmas might seem a little strange. I donít want toys, video games, or candy. Iím not sure I even know what these things are. All I know is that they are important to my parents.

I would like some timeóa minute if you have oneóso I can give it to my mommy. When I ask her to help me with my homework, and she says, ďOkay, just give me a minute,Ē I will have one to give her. If she says she would read me a bedtime story if she had more time, I could give her mine and not be so scared at night.

If it is not too much trouble, I would also like a round tuit. I need it for my daddy. I know he really would like to take me fishing or teach me how to ride my bike, but he needs a round tuit first.

I know you are very busy making toys for the other children. I can help you if you want. I have a lot of toys and stuff I never play with. My mommy and daddy give them to me whenever they miss my school plays or canít take me to the park or any other fun stuff. I really donít mind giving them to you. I can always get more toys from my mommy and daddy, but I canít get the time and a round tuit I need to have my parents play with me.

If you canít get these things for me, could you make us poor? My friend Billy is poor, and his mommy is always home and bakes cookies for his lunch and goes to his school plays. His daddy taught him to ride his bike. Itís an old bike with only one gear, but at least he knows how to ride it. When I get bored with my video games, I sometimes look out my bedroom window and see Billy playing tag with his brother and sister. My nanny wonít let me go over because she doesnít get paid enough to worry about me getting hurt playing with those noisy little rascals.

Donít worry if you canít get a round tuit or donít have the time; Iím use to it by now. You can still have all my unused toysÖgive some to Billy. I can watch him play with them from by bedroom window.

Merry Christmas.



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