Locked In Review
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After her vintage MG runs out of gas, private investigator Sharon McCone walks back to her firm to retrieve her cell phone and call AAA. Pier 24Ĺ should be a safe place, but when she enters her office, she interrupts an intruder, who shoots her in the head. The wound doesnít kill her, but it puts her in a state of awareness in which she can see, hear, and feel, but she canít move. Her mind is locked inside her body. Trapped, she has no way to help figure out who left her for dead and why.

As his wife, Sharon, lies in a state called locked-in syndrome, Hy Ripinsky enlists the help of Sharonís employees to find who brutally attacked her. Once a very dangerous man, Hy wants revenge. He could killóeven tortureóSharonís attacker and think nothing of it. But does he really want to surrender to his violent past?

As Sharon fights for her life, each member of her team follows separate leads that might shed some light on who had a reason to snoop through the firmís offices late at night. Once they realize that Sharon can communicate by blinking, each employee comes by to ask questions to help them with their investigations. Together, they uncover some shocking secrets.

Once again, author Marcia Muller brings readers a mystery thatís crawling with scandal and twists that stump the mind. Locked In will keep you on your toes as you try to unravel the mystery and solve the puzzle. Though Sharon may be investigating in her mind from a hospital bed, the plot is kept interesting. Her situation also adds some suspense to the story, since youíre never really sure whether Sharon will pull through.

Each private investigator working for Sharon McConeís firm has a distinct personality, and the characters are so well written that youíll be able to tell which one is in play without the name being giving. Itís also highly interesting to follow the separate investigatorsí styleóbecause each is distinctive in how they chase down leads.

Ms Muller has written over 25 Sharon McCone mysteries, but Locked In is only the second one Iíve read. But after reading Locked In, with its interesting characters, thrilling plot, and its baffling mystery thatís almost impossible to figure out, Iím definitely interested in checking out this authorís backlist.

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