Honor Defended Review
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The War on Terrorism lands on the Olympic Peninsula in the Pacific Northwest on a cold, dreary morning. A Marine Corps officer, home on leave from Iraq, is beheaded, and his wife, Carmen, is taken captive, leaving their house to burn to the ground. Major Westfall sets out to defend a brother officer’s honor, find Carmen (hopefully alive), and bring her home to her children and worried brother.  

Major Westfall calls in other retired soldiers and friends for help, ready to go after the terrorists with or without the help of the FBI and the police. In fact, Westfall prefers to go alone, without the authorities, because most of what he’ll have to do to get Carmen back isn’t exactly legal, and he needs the freedom to do whatever it takes to bring her home alive. The only absolute is the rescue of Carmen Holbech.  

When they discover that terrorists are targeting Washington State ferries, it becomes a deadly race to stop them before they can carry out their plans and kill innocent Americans.  

A well-developed and fast-paced plot makes Honor Defended a pleasant and pulse-pounding read from beginning to end. Readers get to know Major Westfall intimately, and though you may not always like his methods, you’re bound to respect him. Cunning and deadly, he gets the job done.

Though Major Westfall sometimes gets a bit cocky and his operations are often quite technical, I still found him to be a likable character with a great sense of humor, which helps to alleviate the story’s dark subject matter. If I became a captive of terrorists, I’d definitely want Major Westfall leading the rescue team.   

Many of the scenes in Honor Defended are so raw and realistic that you’ll feel the chill in the air, hear the night noises, feel the enemy’s terror, and get an adrenaline rush, right along with the characters. 

I was thoroughly impressed by Honor Defended—the second novel in the Citizen Warrior Series by D.H. Brown. Anyone who enjoys military thrillers will love this one.

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