International Committee Names Employer of the Year
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PARIS Every year, thousands of nominations for the International Employer of the Year Award are received and considered by a special committee of the International Association of Happy Employees (IAHE) in Paris.

This year’s committee faced another difficult decision, but, in a 63 to 42 vote, they chose this year’s recipient, who was announced at their annual banquet, which was held last week.

This year’s recipient was Icario Zyrakicz, Supreme Dictator of the small country of Rxysheziquex. Zyrakicz was nominated by a number of his soldiers. The one, however, who submitted the nomination entry was Krycht Stebk, a member of Zyrakicz’s Special Advisory Board.

In his nomination entry, Stebk wrote, “Supreme Dictator Zyrakicz is a wonderful man to work for. I held a number of jobs before becoming a soldier, and I have never worked for a man who is as kindhearted and caring as he is. Most supreme dictators that I’ve known have had a very quick temper and a bad attitude. They feel it’s their privilege to torture their soldiers for sport. Not so with Supreme Dictator Zyrakicz. He provides us with fabulous benefits, a percentage of plundering, and a pizza party once a month.”

Said another member of his army, “Supreme Dictator Zyrakicz is a caring and gentle supreme dictator. Why, just last week, I was having some personal problems, and he noticed, and he took me aside. He said, ‘I noticed you’re not yourself today. We’re leaving to pillage Rykchk. Why don’t you just sit this pillaging out and take some time for yourself?’”

Zyrakicz has been given this great honor because of his “care for and respect of his employees, for his thoughtfulness and open-mindedness.” He will take part in a short speaking tour throughout IAHE member nations. His short stop in the US will include engagements at a number of conventions and corporations, including Microsoft, his first stop.

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