His Hope, Her Salvation
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Pages: 40
Goes Well With: Ambrosia Salad and Green Tea

As a hunter, jumping through the time continuum to find deserters who won’t accept their place in Elysian society is all in a day’s work for Donovan. He loves what he does, and fellow hunter (and mistress), Orla, feeds his beast (a necessity) with her sexual games. But, lately, he’s been longing for his bonded mate—someone he fears he may never find. However, when she does arrive, she’s not at all what he expected his beast to respond to.

The daughter of a Duke crashes into Donovan’s life with only one question on her mind: can she find pleasure with a man she despises? Forced by her father to accept the disgusting Lieutenant Anderson as a husband, she sets out to get her question answered, and Donovan is the man to give her the answer. He needs salvation, and she needs hope. Together, they might find what they’re looking for.

Enjoyable and absorbing, with well-developed characters (for such a short piece), His Hope, Her Salvation is a fair read. However, I found it to be a bit ridiculous when Donovan kept feeding and bathing his bonded mate beyond the first night. Yes, I know his beast feels the need to take care of his mate, but come on, she’s a grown woman, not a helpless baby.

Still, the plot is unique and developed beyond the sex, so it’s a pretty good read—enough to keep you entertained while on your lunch break.

With just a hint of action and adventure, His Hope, Her Salvation is thrilling enough to keep you engaged with the characters—and I’m definitely interested enough to check out other e-books by Emma Lai.

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