The Curse of Culcraig Review
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In 1915, Anne Black was tried and acquitted of arson and vandalism charges—so what made a group of men turn vigilante and string her from a tree? Some believed that Anne practiced witchcraft, and they hung her out of blind fear. But is that really what happened, or is it just local folklore?

Her life a tattered mess, Hillary Bennett arrives at Glendon House in the small village of Culcraig, hoping to obtain journals that will shed some light on the hanging of Anne Black. Hillary needs to find out what really happened to Anne for a book she hopes will put her reputation and life back into order. But, instead of journals, she finds the owner of Glendon House in a bloody heap at the bottom of the stairs.

Lawyers summon Caid Douglas to the reading of Agnes Douglas’s will. Apparently, she left Glendon House to him, even though he hadn’t seen her since he was thirteen years old. Caid plans to sell it for whatever he can and get out—that is, until Hillary shows up, asking about some old journals.

As they hunt for the journals, strange things begin to happen. Could a decades-old curse still be alive, or does someone not want Hillary to find those journals? Agnes’s death may not have been an accident after all, and the killer may be coming after Hillary and Caid next, to keep the truth hidden.

Mystery, intrigue, and spine-chilling suspense make The Curse of Culcraig one fabulous romantic thriller. I very seldom read upon waking in the morning, but I just couldn’t resist reading at least one chapter before I started my day—and then I couldn’t wait to rush back to it at night.

Ms. Brown brings the folklore of Scotland to life and mixes it with modern-day murder, and the result is a transfixing read that’s impossible to put down. I’m a sucker for history shrouded in shadows, and Ms. Brown tossed in just enough legend to make The Curse of Culcraig a chilling read.

With a perfect blend of their pasts and presents, both Hillary and Craig are strong characters with a lot of depth. Throw in a well-developed plot that will often give you the shivers, and you have yourself a near-perfect read.

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