Where Armadillos Go to Die Review
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About the time that retired Texas Ranger Jeremiah Spur’s wife and a young lawyer’s daughter both go into the hospital with a bad case of E. Coli poisoning, Sylvester Bradshaw disappears from the Bouree restaurant, where he makes the best catfish ever to cross a Texas cowboy’s tongue.

Sylvester is not a pleasant individual, but he invented a machine that makes food virtually bacteria-free, resulting in the best-tasting and healthiest food ever eaten. No one knows how it works—not even his family. Several venture capitalists and one former NFL star would like to invest in it, but Sylvester isn’t interested.

No one really cares that Sylvester has disappeared, except for his daughter, so Jeremiah Spur does a little investigating of his own. What he discovers is that a number of people were willing to kill to get their hands on Sylvester’s invention—including his own sons. But the killer isn’t someone that anyone would suspect.

Where Armadillos Go to Die surprised me with its off-the-wall plot and its quirky characters. I found myself startled into a laugh by a colorful turn of phrase more than once. Plus, I could just plain relate to these good old Texas boys and girls—because they’re a lot like small-town North Carolina people (like me).

With an adroit hand and an eccentric sense of humor, author James Hime brings to life a pleasing and unfamiliar mystery. I can just about bet that you’ve never seen a plot quite like this one before. The characters are impressive—and Jeremiah Spur is as laid-back and country as they come. Blessed with intelligence and an ability to think fast—as well as a desire to set things right with a victim’s family—Jeremiah Spur will stay firmly etched in your mind long after you close the book.

Looking for something a bit different? Where Armadillos Go to Die is an excellent pick.

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