Among Thieves Review
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Twenty years ago, two men dressed as police officers stole valuable art from Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. The crime remains unsolved, and the artwork is still missing. Some believe the now disbanded IRA was involved, but attorney Scott Finn has a client who may know more about the stolen art than he’s saying.

An anonymous tip leads police right to Devon Malley, who has his hands full of expensive clothing that he’s stealing from an upscale store. Once in jail, Devon asks his old friend, Scott Finn, to represent him. If anyone can get him out of jail with a reduced sentence, Scott is the man. He also asks Scott to take care of his fourteen-year-old daughter, Sally—the daughter he didn’t know existed until a year ago— just until he can get his life back on track.

Scott doesn’t know if he can help Devon—after all, the man was caught red-handed with the goods—and he’s even more reluctant to take on a streetwise fourteen-year-old girl. But with the help of his law partner, Lissa Krantz, and private investigator Tom Kozlowski, he digs into a crime that puts them in the crossfire of Boston’s underground and a member of the IRA who refuses to lay down his arms.

David Hosp has restored my love for legal thrillers. Among Thieves has a whole lot of heart—as well as a plot with a mighty kick. The story will snag you on the run and catch you firmly in its grasp. You’ve no choice but to sit back and enjoy the ride, even as it’s dragging you full-speed ahead.

Characters can make or break a story, but Among Thieves has no problem with characterization. It’s filled with unique and memorable voices, from good-hearted Scott Finn to lovable old grouch Tom Kozlowski. Sally is a tough kid without moving into unlikable territory, and Lissa is often the voice of reason. You’ll even root for Devon—even though you know he’s a thief (and once a very mean thief, at that). Great characters all around.

Among Thieves is a lightning-fast read that will leave you breathless as you try to make sense of a twenty-year-old crime that gets mixed up with a routine robbery in the present. Once the clues begin to unravel and straighten out, you’re left with baffling mysteries that suddenly come together in surprising ways.

If you haven’t tried a legal thriller in a while, I highly suggest picking up Among Thieves. It’ll reawaken your thirst for an intelligent and addictive legal read.

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