Scoundrelís Kiss Review
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Iíve not been a big fan of historical romances for quite some time, but if an author can pull me into one with smooth prose and a great voice, Iím hooked. Author Carrie Lofty does just that with Scoundrelís Kiss.

Ada of Keyworth suffered great pain while she was held captive by Sheriff Finch of Nottingham. As a result, she became addicted to opium. Itís the only thing that drives away the pain and nightmares. But her addiction lands her on a slave auction block, and the only man who can save her is one with vows that cannot be broken.

Gavriel de Marqueda chose to become a novice to the Order of Santiago to avoid being exiled. Once a great and cold warrior, heís now taken vows to abstain from violence. Heís also taken a vow of chastity. His next test is to turn a sinner to God, but when beautiful and feisty Ada lands in his path, he knows that his vows are in great danger of being broken.

As Ada fights to overcome her opium addiction, Gavriel fights to keep his promises to the clergy on the treacherous road to Ucles. But Adaís creditors, as well as soldiers of Toledo, chase them the whole way, making it hard to fight their personal demons, let alone outside forces.

Not only are the external conflicts in Scoundrelís Kiss gripping, but the internal struggles are every bit as fast-paced and exhilarating, too. Youíll often wonder if Ada and Gavriel will be able to overcome their tribulations and live happily ever after, as romance characters are wont to do.

Ms. Lofty has a definite gift for creating characters with ocean-deep depths. Even with her addiction, Ada is an admirable heroine as she fights to return to the woman she once wasóbright and intelligentóa woman who can survive by her wits and inner strength. Gavriel struggles to become a man that he may not be destined to be, but he bravely puts all of his effort into it, endearing him to your heart even as you hope that heíll wake up and embrace who he truly is.

With plenty of action and hair-raising scenes, along with some tender and passionate moments, Scoundrelís Kiss is one of the best historical romances Iíve read in a long timeóand Carrie Lofty is a new author to watch for in the future.

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