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It’s been months since Lake Warren’s husband, Jack, left. And now, just when Lake’s beginning to feel like she could possibly get on with her life (not yet…but someday), Jack throws her another curveball: a nasty battle for custody of their two kids.

But although Lake’s lawyer warns her to be careful—that the slightest misstep could give Jack the upper hand in their custody battle—she can’t seem to resist Mark Keaton, a doctor at the fertility clinic where she’s consulting. Against her better judgment, Lake joins the doctor at his apartment after a business dinner—but while she’s out on his terrace, basking in the afterglow of their night together, someone breaks into the apartment and murders him.

Lake can’t call the police—because she’ll be their first suspect. And even if they eventually find the real killer, the case would give Jack every reason to take her children away. So Lake keeps quiet, determined to solve the murder on her own. But when she uncovers some of the clinic’s secrets, she realizes that she could lose a whole lot more than just her kids.

Hush is a constantly twisting thriller that’s loaded with motives, suspects, and (best of all) heart-stopping, hold-your-breath suspense. It’s the kind of psychological stunner that will put you on edge and leave you feeling the slightest bit paranoid.

As the story unfolds, it only gets darker and more ominous. Meanwhile, the suspect list just keeps growing. Maybe Lake’s ex is trying to get to her, so he’ll have the upper hand in their custody battle. Maybe the killer saw her at Keaton’s apartment, and he thinks she knows more than she does. Maybe the police know that she was with Keaton that night. Maybe the doctors at the clinic know that she’s been snooping around. Or maybe it’s all of the above—or even none of the above. There are so many possibilities—and you can almost feel the walls closing in on Lake as she considers each one. The more she runs—and the more lies she tells—the more claustrophobic the story feels.

While Lake makes some pretty stupid moves, though, you can’t really fault her—because she has her reasons: her kids. She doesn’t want to lose them; she doesn’t want to traumatize them by getting them caught up in a murder case; and she doesn’t want them to grow up without a mother. So that leaves her with few options. To her, it seems perfectly understandable to avoid the police—and to dig for clues on her own. It’s the only way to clear her name and get on with her life. Of course, you don’t have to be a mother to understand her logic—but it definitely doesn’t hurt. In fact, it will only make the story all the more horrifying.

Admittedly, though, Lake’s stubbornness does sometimes make her a frustrating character—and some of her decisions will leave you feeling less than satisfied in the end. At the same time, not everything in the story words well. Some of the plot elements seem a bit too bizarre (like an incident involving Lake’s cat). And a few of the coincidences are just too convenient (like the fact that it all takes place while Lake’s kids are at camp and her assistant is out of town). But those nagging little details are only minor glitches in an otherwise taut thriller.

If you’re looking for solid suspense, you’ll find it here. Kate White’s Hush is a chilling read that’s bound to leave you breathless.

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