Nature’s Wrapture Review
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Once upon a time, shawls were just for grandmas—and maybe a few girly-girls who loved things that were frilly and lacy. I, however, didn’t fit into either category. But then I started knitting—and after I knit my first capelet (and, after that, my first lace shawl), I discovered that shawls and wraps didn’t have to be just for little old ladies or prissy girly-girls. They can be light and frilly or fun and colorful. And, best of all, they’re a whole lot of fun to knit.

In Nature’s Wrapture, designer Sheryl Thies presents a collection of 20 wraps that were inspired by the shapes, textures, colors, and patterns found in nature—and she offers such a wide variety that every knitter is sure to find something that fits her style.

From the white, lacy Snowflakes to the simple, hand-painted Fall Colors, Thies fills the collection with unexpected styles in eye-catching colors. Of course, there are some of the basic shapes: a few rectangles and triangles and even a cape (and a poncho or two, too). But there are other shapes that you may not have seen before: U-shaped pieces that come together with a shawl pin, rectangles that button together, wraps with armholes, pieces with ties and clips, tassels and I-cord. The pictures even show different ways to wear the designs, to dress them up or dress them down—or to fit your mood or your own personal style.

The instructions are detailed and straightforward, with diagrams, illustrations, and charts where needed. But they’re not all intricate patterns; there are some easier patterns, too, with less shaping and sewing. Some are made of lace, but others were designed using simpler stitch patterns.

My only complaint with the designs in Nature’s Wrapture is that many of them may be a bit too unexpected. While there are plenty of U-shaped (or V-shaped) designs with backs and long front panels (which, I’m sure, will stay put much better than the usual rectangular—or even triangular—shawl), there aren’t as many basic looks. I would have loved to see a few more classic-styled wraps—because once I finish all of the work involved in knitting a pretty shawl, I’d like it to stay in style for a long, long time.

Still, there are plenty of designs here to suit every knitter’s style and experience level. So whether you’re a relatively new knitter who’s looking to move beyond scarves or an experienced knitter who’s looking for dainty new lace shawl, you’ll find that you don’t need to be a granny or a girly-girl to enjoy the wraps in Nature’s Wrapture.

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