Before the Moon Rises Review
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Max Ritter has woken up in some pretty strange places, but never in a hospital—naked. Three days out of the month, he hunts rogue werewolves who stalk new prey to add to their packs. The last encounter left him unconscious for more than a few minutes, which concerns him—but he has no time to worry about it right now. When he spots Gorman in the hospital, eyeing the pretty nurse who took care of him, Max knows that she’ll be his next victim, unless he can stop him—and he has no intention of letting Gorman have Janet.

As a nurse, Janet O’Brien is rarely flustered by a naked man, but Max is different. When he invites her out to breakfast after the graveyard shift, she surprises herself by saying yes. Plus, she’s curious as to why he was found on the street, naked and unconscious. He’s too clean and refined to be homeless, but he won’t give her any serious answers to her questions.

After one kiss, Max discovers that Janet is his soul mate. Now it’s imperative that he do everything he can to keep her out of the clutches of his rival, Gorman.

Satisfying and suspenseful, Before the Moon Rises has earned the distinction of being one of the top e-books I’ve come across in my journey to find the very best that the Internet has to offer. Author Catherine Bybee has pulled together a well-written and plausible paranormal read in fewer than 100 pages. I found it refreshing that I didn’t have to question the characters’ motives—or become irritated with them because they’re so unlikable.

With his sense of humor and protective nature, Max makes a gratifying hero. He’s never cocky or controlling (two traits I find highly unfavorable in a male character). Janet is smart and pretty—and, best of all, she doesn’t do those stupid things that make me want to scream and throw the book at the wall, like so many of the female leads in past stories I’ve read.

With just enough ambiguity woven into the beginning and throughout the story, Before the Moon Rises will hold your attention right up until the last page—and, before you know it, you’ll have read the whole book in one sitting. I urge you to pick this one up. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

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