Hearts Crossing
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Pages: 106
Goes Well With: seafood linguini and a glass of Chianti

The heart-wrenching prologue to Marianne Evans’s book, Hearts Crossing, had me longing to comfort Collin as he screams in silence, “You’re a God of waste and pain.” At once, I longed to know how his life got here and where it would proceed. How would God call him back?

Five years later, Daveny’s eager activities in the Woodland church community are flagging and leaving her empty. But soon, the grounds around the church and around Daveny’s and Collin’s hearts come into bloom. And God at the heart of the church will capture them both.

The author’s descriptions of human pain, natural beauty, and God’s love all had me enthralled. The characters felt very real, with natural failings, doubts and fears. And the work of mending hearts and fences became something I really cared about. I also loved the author’s description of utilitarian faith, like a tract of land viewed through a landscape architect’s eyes, struggling under the thumb of a Michigan winter.

Hearts Crossing is a short book—only 106 pages—but it packs a lot of power. If you’re reading during a lunch break, keep the tissues handy and plan on finishing tomorrow. Or take a longer break and go out to dinner. It’s a love story with depth, and a healing with love.

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