Bargain with Lucifer Review
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When Luc Deveraux’s grandfather has another heart attack, the old man wants Luc to come home to Bayou Chaveau, along with his wife and child, for an extended visit. The only problem is that Luc has been lying to his grandfather. He has no wife and no children that he knows of—and if he can’t produce them before his grandfather dies, he’ll be disinherited. He finds the solution in a 7-Eleven, in the form of down-on-her-luck Julie and her daughter, Merry.

Recently widowed, Julie Richmond sure could use a miracle in her life—or she and her daughter might just starve to death before things get better. Luc’s offer seems like a godsend, but once she arrives at Bayou Chaveau, family secrets get dragged out into the light, hatreds are rekindled, and there’s a whole other side to Luc that scares Julie down to her bones. And then there’s Michael, Luc’s brother. If Luc is the devil, then Michael is an angel. Or is he?

Bargain with Lucifer seems to be something more than just a romance, so I’m not going to be too picky about not liking Luc. Since he was named after the devil, it makes sense that his character would be a bit dark and cruel at times. But I still couldn’t understand how Julie could love him. There’s no way that I’d let a man treat me the way he treats Julie; he’d be out on his butt with a broken nose in no time flat!

Other than that, though, Bargain with Lucifer is a well-written page-turner. I got caught up in the family secrets, which lent an air of creepiness to the plot. I could see that Luc needed psychological help, and I wondered whether he would open himself up to it. I also wondered how long Julie would put up with him before she turned to Michael.

If you don’t go into Bargain with Lucifer expecting a normal romance, you just might enjoy the journey a whole lot more. Instead, get lost in the intrigue as you try to unravel all the family secrets and discover exactly what caused Luc to become the man he is.

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