Texas Hearts Review
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Texas Hearts may be an ordinary title, but what’s between the covers is one of the coolest historical romances I’ve ever read. Epic, moving, suspenseful, and unique are all words to describe this latest read by Rachel Smith—and even those don’t quite do it justice.

As children, Charlie McKenzie and Elizabeth Cameron were the only survivors of a vicious attack. Texas Ranger Jesse Rivers rescued the orphans and took them to his Flying J Ranch, where he raised them as his own. He never told them the whole truth about what happened that day, but when Charlie turned eighteen, he learned the truth and vowed to hunt down the man responsible.

For the past ten years, Elizabeth has been at the Birchfield Academy, where young women are taught how to act like ladies. Now Jesse has called her home, and she wonders what she’ll find on her return. The last thing she expects is the deep attraction she feels for Charlie upon seeing him for the first time in years.

Charlie’s spent the last ten years chasing Mad Dog Durham—a western serial killer who leaves a wake of butchered bodies behind him as he moves from town to town. As Charlie chases Durham, he brings in bounties, keeping the West safe. Then Jesse calls him home to fetch Elizabeth from the train station. Elizabeth is grown up and beyond desirable—but if he doesn’t keep his hands off, he’ll face Jesse’s wrath.

As Charlie and Elizabeth fight their attraction, Mad Dog Durham stalks them, watching and waiting for the right moment to finish what he started all those years ago.

Charlie, Elizabeth, and Jesse are characters that will linger with me for a very long time. Charlie is the ultimate haunted hero—complete with a past that would break weaker men. Elizabeth also captured my heart as she fought the wild child within, trying to remember to act like a lady when in the presence of Charlie (something at which she usually fails, to my never-ending delight). And Jesse’s love for both of them will touch your heart, even as you’re laughing at his reactions to the situations they get into.

What also makes Texas Hearts such a great read is the suspenseful Old West serial killer subplot. When the killer’s identity was revealed, it sent chills up and down my spine. It’s one of the most subtle and clever unveilings that I’ve come across in my entire reading history—yet it’s perfectly plausible, too.

Ms Smith put all of her heart and soul into Texas Hearts—and it shows. Books this enjoyable only come around every now and then—so don’t miss this truly terrific western romance.

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